Did you know in Suffolk County, grieving your property taxes is the only way to reduce your tax bill.  In Nassau, filing a grievance in the only way to ensure your reassessment is fair.  Many homes are over-assessed, and the homeowner is unaware.  You can (and should!) file a tax grievance every year.  If you are denied one year, you could potentially have a case the following year because of continuous changes in the real estate market.  If you tried to grieve your taxes on your own and received a denial, there are further processes that often result in a reduction.  A professional tax grievance company can ensure that your assessment is always fair, and you are not paying more than your share. Cost and Discounts  Your taxes CANNOT be raised because you filed a grievance.  There are no upfront fees to file a grievance with Heller & Consultants. If we are successful, our fee is 50% of the first years' savings.  If we do not successfully lower the taxes, there are no fees whatsoever.

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